Pittsfield Community Development Board - April 17, 2018

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1. March 19, 2018

Subdivision Approval is Not Required 00:01:09

1. Plan of land prepared by James E. Seidl, PLS of SK Design Group, Inc. for the Robert P. Rennie Living Trust for property located at 565 and 567 Pecks Road. The properties can be further identified as assessor map E14-2-108 and E14-2-109

Subdivision Approval Is Not Required 00:04:05

2. Plan of land prepared by Patrick McColgan of Taconic Land Consultants for Richard Astle for property located at 103 Hancock Road (assessor map G15-18-7)

Zoning 00:05:26

1. Public Hearing - Site Plan Review and Special Permit - An application from One Twenty Onota Street LLC for site plan review and special permit approval under Section 7.842 to construct a 21 unit assisted living facility. The property is located at 43-45 West Union Street. (assessor map g9-25-12 and G9-25-13)

Zoning 00:27:33

2. Site Plan Review - An application from CT Equities 100, LLC for site plan approval under Section 7.715 (multi-family residential) for the redevelopment of the Former St. Mary's campus at 653/665 Tyler Street and 75 Plunkett Street at 29 multi-family residential units.

Zoning 00:42:59

3. Use Determination - A request for a determination under 7.843 (retail sales of Propane and Liquified Petroleum Gas of a Volume not to exceed 1,000 Gallons) that a storage size of 1,150 gallons is consistent with the intent of the use category

Administration 00:51:15

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