Pittsfield Community Development Board - October 16, 2018

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:22

Minutes 00:00:37

September 18, 2018

Determination Subdivision Approval is not Required 00:01:23

1. Plan of land prepared by Daniel L Werner, PLS for Pittsfield Solar, LLC for property located at 39 Kirkwood Drive. The property can be further identified as assessor map F16-1-1.

Zoning 00:04:40

1. Site Plan Review - An application from Pittsfield Solar, LLC for special permit approval under Section 7.824 (Public or Quasi-Public Utility) for a 6.5 mW ground-mounted photovoltaic system at 38 Kirkwood Drive. The Zoning Board of Appeals is the Special Permit Granting Authority. (assessor map F16-1-1)

Administration 01:27:31

1. New Business

Administration 01:27:53

2. Old Business -site plan review - An application of Auto Tech Repair, Inc. for site plan approval under Section 7.832 (Autobody repair) at 1319 and 1335 West Housatonic Street

Administration 01:29:15

Old Business -Wireless Telecommunication Ordinance Update

Administration 01:35:02

Reports from Staff or members of the Board