Pittsfield Economic Development Authority - Dec. 12, 2018

Open Agenda

I. Administration 00:00:11

-Call to Order -Welcome New Board Member Jonathan Denmark -Approval of the August 16th meeting minutes

II. Committee Reports 00:02:11

Executive Committee -Final BIC Recoverable Grant Agreement

II. Committee Reports 00:07:10

Finance Committee -3rd Quarter Financial Statements -Audit Engagement 2019 -2019 Preliminary Budget

III. New Business 00:12:32

-Marketing Review

III. New Business 00:14:12

-TDI Update

III. New Business 00:23:34

-BIC Update

V. Executive Director's Report 00:27:34

-Waterstone Update -Eversource

VI. Other Business 00:34:01

-Administration --2019 meeting Calendar -Next Board Meeting (Feb. 20, 2019) -Other

IV. Executive Session 00:35:51

-Legal Lease Prospects Site 3n and Site 8