Pittsfield School Committee Meeting 12/12/18

Open Agenda

I. A. Call to Order 00:00:05

I. B. Moment of Silence 00:00:27

I. C. Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:50

I. D. Roll Call 00:01:08

II. A. Participation by the Public 00:01:36

II. B. Communication by Chair 00:01:51

II. C. Participation by the School Committee 00:04:48

III. A. Approval of Minutes 00:18:38

III. B. Personnel Report 00:19:20

III. C. Appointment of Dir. of Special Education 00:23:28

III. E. School Presentation 00:40:04


III. E. School Presentation 01:06:47

-Williams School

IV. A. Report of Superintendent 01:18:47

IV. B. October 1 Enrollment Report 01:50:18