Pittsfield Conservation Commission - January 10, 2019

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1. Roll Call 00:00:36

2. New Business 00:00:56

A. Continued - DEP File #263-1117: Notice of Intent Application for the repair of an existing bridge located on Hancock Road. Such actions are proposed to occur within Land Under Waterways, Inland Bank, Bordering Land Subject to Flooding and Riverfront Area associated with the Daniels Brook. The applicant is the City of Pittsfield.

2. New Business 00:02:05

B. DEP File #263-1114: Request for Certificate of Compliance for an Order of Conditions associated with property located on Mountain Drive. The applicant is Kayla Bellmore.

2. New Business 00:03:59

C. DEP File #263-823: Request for an Extension Permit for Orders of Conditions associated with property located off of North Street. The applicant is the Kowalcyzk Development Corporation.

3. Other Business 00:06:12

Minutes - December 13, 2018

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