Pittsfield School Committee Meeting 2/13/19

Open Agenda

I. A. Call to Order 00:00:04

I. B. Moment of Silence 00:00:30

I. C. Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:20

I. D. Roll Call 00:01:39

II. A. Participation by the Public 00:01:57

II. B. Communication by Chair 00:02:11

II. C. Participation by Committee 00:07:22

III. A. Approval of Minutes 00:15:57

III. B. Personnel Report 00:16:11

IV. A. Report of Superintendent 00:17:34

IV. B. Public Health Meeting 00:41:07

Information on Upcoming Public Health and Safety Committee Meeting on February 19, 2019

IV. C. Overview of New Educator Programs 00:51:06

IV. D. Budget Overview 01:19:38

-Enrollment Projections

IV. D. Budget Overview 01:46:11


IV. D. Budget Overview 02:04:11

-State Aid

VI. A. Policy COM-31, Visitors to the Schools 02:52:27

Approval of Revised Regulations in Policy COM-31, Visitors to the Schools

VI. B. Approval of Overnight Field Trip 03:09:06

-Framingham, MA

VIII. Future Business 03:09:52

Next Regular Scheduled Meeting, Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 6:00pm, City Hall, 70 Allen Street, City Council Chambers