Pittsfield Zoning Board of Appeals - February 20, 2019

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:16

Minutes 00:01:09

Acceptance of Minutes January 16, 2019

Public Hearing 1 00:02:01

Application #2885 Lipton Inc. 188 Elm St. & 11 Livingston Avenue Special Permit Section 8. 3 & Variance 4.203 Request to allow the construction of an additional parking area extending into an adjacent residential zone for a pre-existing auto service station that will encroach in the front yard setback

Public Hearing 2 00:39:48

Application #2886 Pittsfield Investment Group 531 Dalton Ave. Special Permit Section 7.850 Request special permit to allow recreational marijuana retail use

Public Hearing 3 00:40:10

Application #2887 Keith Verge, 42 Overlook Road Requesting variance from the side yard setback requirement and lot coverage requirements to allow the construction of a garage that would encroach upon the side yard setback, setback from primary structure, and exceed the lot coverage requirements.

New/Old Business 01:13:20

Siting and Design guidelines for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities