Pittsfield Community Development Board - February 19, 2019

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:31

Minutes 00:00:51

1. February 5, 2019

Zoning 1 00:01:08

Public Hearing - Zoning Text Amendment - A petition from the Community Development Board to amend City Code Chapter 23, Article 23-2 Section 2.2; Article 23-4 Section 4.202; Article 23.7 Section 7.7 and Article 23-7 Section 7.8 in order to establish standards and reasonable regulations for the siting of solar energy generation facilities

Zoning 2 00:31:47

Public Hearing - Special Permit / Site Plan Approval - An application from Pittsfield Investment Group, LLC for approval under Section 10.110f for property located at 531 Dalton Ave.

Zoning 3 00:34:21

Public Hearing - Special Permit - An application from Restorations Inc. for approval Under Section 10.110f for property located at 22 Waubeek Road (the Propietor's Lodge). The applicant proposes additional construction that raises the overall occupancy load of the site, in turn resulting in an increase of required off-street parking beyond that of what is available on-site.

Administration 1. New Business 01:34:59

Administration 2. Old Business 01:37:14

Site Plan Review - An application of Auto Tech Repair, Inc. for site plan approval under Section 7.832 (auto body repair) at 1319 and 1335 West Housatonic Street. The City Council is the Special Permit Granting Authority