Pittsfield Ordinances & Rules Committee - March 4, 2019

Open Agenda

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Open Mic 00:00:41

Minutes 00:30:43

February 4, 2019

New Business 1 00:31:57

A report from the Community Development Board on a petition from the Zoning Board of Appeals to amend City Code, Chapter 23, Article 23-2 Section 2.2; Article 23-4 Section 4.202; Article 23-7 Section 7.737; Article 23-7 Section 7.8555. To establish standards and reasonable regulations for the siting of solar energy generation facilities, recommending that the City adopt the proposed zoning amendment to City Code, Chapter 23

Old Business 2 01:35:56

A report from the Committee on Ordinances and Rules on a petition from Councilor Morandi requesting City Code Chapter 8: Solid Waste and Disposal be fully reviewed and revised where needed, recommending the Ordinance be approved as amended, failed 2-2 Councilors Krol and Caccamo in favor and Councilors Mazzeo and White in opposition (tabled 10-23-18)

Old Business 3 02:06:13

A petition from Alex Blumin requesting to add to the City Council Rules that it is the City Clerk's obligation to notify the petitioner of the petitions status (tabled 2/4/19)