Pittsfield Community Development Board - March 5, 2019

Open Agenda

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Minutes 00:00:57

February 19, 2019

Zoning #1 00:01:24

Public Hearing - Site Plan Review and Special Permit - An application from Lipton, Inc. for approval under Section 7.823 for property located at 188 Elm Street and 11 Livingston Avenue. The applicant proposes to extend its existing parking area to property located at 11 Livingston Avenue.

Zoning #2 00:21:19

Public Hearing - Special Permit / Site Plan Review - An application from Pittsfield Investment Group, LLC for approval under Section 10.110f for property located at 531 Dalton Avenue.

Zoning #3 00:22:58

Public Hearing - Special Permit - An application from LSG Investments LLC for approval under Section 10.110f for property located at 1451 North Street. This request is in relation to the renovation of property at 1451 North Street that increases the potential occupancy from 100 to 180. The applicant requests an amendment of an existing special permit for the property to waive the off-street parking required under the requested increase of occupancy.

Zoning #4 01:09:16

Site Plan Review / Approval - An application from EOS Farm, LLC for approval under Sections 7.850 and 7.853 for property located at 68 Dalton Avenue, 19 Harvard Street and 23 Harvard St. The Zoning Board of Appeals is the Special Permit Granting Authority under sections 7.850 and 7.853.

Administration 01:22:56

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