Pittsfield Community Development Board - March 25, 2019

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:36

Minutes 00:00:54

1. March 5, 2019

Determination Subdivision Approval Is Not Required 00:01:19

1. Plan of land prepared by James E. Seidl, PLS of SK Design Group, Inc. for the Lipton Realty Corporation for property located at 460 South Street. The property can be further identified as assessor map H6-5-12

Zoning 00:02:58

1. Site Plan Review/Approval - An application from Churchill Solar Farm LLC for approval under section 7.824 (Public or Quasi Public Public Utilities) for property located at 1115 Churchill Street for the development of a 3.956 mW commercial scale solar facility.

Administration 00:12:36

1. New Business 2. Old Business 3. Reports from Staff or members of the Board