Pittsfield Homelessness Prevention Committee - November 4, 2019

Open Agenda

Item #1 00:00:08

Roll Call

Item #2 00:01:50

Open Microphone

Item #3 00:09:53

Review of the minutes from the meeting October 7, 2019

Item #4 00:10:09

Justine Dodds will discuss more ways to get information out in public so that homeless persons and the public know where they can find assistance, beginning with the Housing Search Assistance package provided by Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority

Item #5 00:32:59

Discussion about what can be done about remaining homeless people after beds at facilities are taken

Item #6 00:47:05

Discussion about replacement of Co-Chair and Members

Item #7 00:53:55

Discussion about changing the date and time of the meeting