Pittsfield Resource Recovery Committee - November 25, 2019

Open Agenda

New Business #1 00:00:25

Approval of minutes.

New Business #2 00:00:51

Review and discussion of the proposed new contract with the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility.

New Business #3 00:41:26

Discussion of City's Sustainable Materials Recovery program grant award.

New Business #4 00:55:06

Update on the status of the Department of Environmental Protection's Draft Solid Waste Master Plan Update.

New Business #5 01:09:46

Discussion of the update to the City's hauler regulations to require recycling services

New Business #6 01:16:53

Introduction and discussion with the representatives from the City's new collection company, Casella.

Old Business 01:38:30

A report from the City Council Ordinance & Rules Committee on a petition from Councilor Morandi requesting that the City Code Chapter 8, Solid Waste and Disposal be fully reviewed and revised where needed - Referred May 15, 2019.