Pittsfield Community Development Board - Jan. 21, 2020

Open Agenda

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1. January 7, 2020

Subdivision Approval is Not Required 00:01:10

1. Plan of land prepared by Russell D. Sackett, PLS of Sackett Survey Services, Inc. for 1238 West Street, LLC, for land located at 1238 West Street. The property can be further identified as assessor map c9-1-3

Zoning 1 00:02:34

Public Hearing (Continued from January 7, 2020) - Zoning Text Amendment - A petition from the City Council to amend City Code Chapter 23, Article 23-4 Section 4.202 (Table of Permitted Uses); Article 23-7, Section 7.854; and Article 23-7, Section 7.736. The proposal would eliminate outdoor marijuana cultivation in residentially zoned areas, as well as a separate land use category that allows outdoor marijuana cultivation less than 20,000 square feet through site plan review, regulating all outdoor cultivation through the special permit required under Section 7.854

Zoning 2 00:54:28

Public Hearing - Zoning Map and Text Amendment - A petition from the Pittsfield Community Development Board to amend the City of Pittsfield Official Zoning Map in relation to Tyler Street area by creating the Tyler Street Overlay District, removing the C-W-S Commercial Warehouse and Storage District and replacing with the B-G General Business and R-M High Density Multi-Family Residential Districts, as well as affirming the General Business District 200 feet south of Tyler Street between Winter Street and Woodlawn Avenue. The request also includes developing a regulatory framework for the Tyler Street Overlay District as Section 4.322, creates a three-family dwelling as a new land use category, and adjusts dimensional requirements within the R-M district.

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1. New Business

Administration 2 01:16:16

Old Business a) Review of Reporting from Propietor's Lodge and Evaluation of Parking Management Plan

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Reports from staff or members of the Board