Pittsfield Ordinances & Rules Committee - February 3, 2020

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:30

Approval of Minutes 00:01:19

Approval of the minutes of the October 7, 2019

Unfinished Business 00:01:41

A petition from Rinaldo Del Gallo, III requesting to enact a "Puppy Mill Ban Law" (referred form Council on 9/24/19) (tabled in Committee pending City Solicitor review on 10/22/19).

New Business #1 00:25:01

A communication from Ellen Maxon, Chairperson of the Police Advisory and Review Board, requesting amendment of the City Code, Chapter 2, Administration, Article XXXVII, Section 2-194.2 reducing the number of annual required ride alongs from four to two (referred from Council on 10/22/19).

New Business #2 00:31:21

A report from the Community Development Board on a petition from the Pittsfield Community Development Board to amend the City of Pittsfield Zoning Map and Text in relation to the Tyler Street area by creating the Tyler Street Overlay District and modifications to the base zoning map. The request also includes the creation of a three-family land use category, and adjusts dimensional requirements within the R-M district (referred from Council on 1/28/20).

New Business #3 01:11:32

A petition from Councilor Maffuccio to amend the City Code, Chapter 8, Section 8-5, Collection, Generally (referred fom Council on 1/14/20).