Pittsfield Community Development Board - September 15, 2020

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:01:37

Determination That Subdivision Approval Is Not Req 00:02:26

1. Plan of land prepared by Mary Ann Corcoran of Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc. for Joseph P. Burke related to land located at 93 and 95 Thomas Island Road.

Zoning 1 00:07:53

Public Hearing - An application form Susan Carmel for special permit approval under Article 23-4, Section 4.307 to expand the existing garage south into the side yard fronting on Harryel Street. The subject property is located at 159 Harryel Street.

Zoning 2 00:13:34

Site Plan Review / Approval - An application from KO Resources LLC for the construction of a proposed 2 story +/- 100,000 square foot marijuana cultivation use at the former 495 Dalton Avenue. The project is proposed to be incorporated into previously approved projects at 501 Dalton Avenue. The proposal involves an amendment to past approvals under Sections 7.735, 7.850, and Section 7.853 for the overall campus plan, with the focus of new construction at the former 495 Dalton Avenue under Section 7.853

Zoning 3 01:24:35

Site Plan Review - An application from Slang LLC, DBA Bloom Brothers to amend a special permit issued under Section 7.850 for a proposed retail recreational marijuana use at 392-400 Merrill Road / 2 Larch Street. The applicant proposed additional parking adjacent to Larch Street. The Zoning Board of Appeals is the Special Permit Granting Authority.

Administration 01:54:19

1. Old Business 2. New Business -Election of Officers -Selection of Community Preservation Committee Representative -Appointment of Delegate to the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission 3. Reports from staff or members of the Board -Approval of Annual Report