Pittsfield Community Development Board - March 2, 2021

Open Agenda

ROLL CALL 00:01:32

MINUTES 00:02:12

Acceptance of minutes

DETERMINATION.... 00:03:11

...THAT SUBDIVISION IS APPROVAL IS NOT REQUIRED Plan of land prepared by John Macolini of Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc. for Theodore R. Hadley and and Estella C Bacarro for property located at 630 Hancock Road. The property can be further identified as assessor map E15-4-3

ZONING 00:05:01

Zoning Amendment Petition - Public Hearing -- a petition from the Community Development Board to Amend City Code, Chapter 23 to create the Downtown Creative District, a form-based zoning district created as Section 4.324 of the Zoning Ordinance. The amendment includes modifications to Section 2, Section 3, Section 4 and Section 7 to account for the creation of Section 4.324, as well as an amendment to the Official Zoning Map under Section 3.302



Reports from staff or members of the Board