Pittsfield Community Development Board - March 16, 2021

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:01:59

Minutes 00:02:42

1. Acceptance of Minutes

Zoning 1: Site Plan Review 00:03:31

An application from Kryppies, LLC for special permit approval under Section 7.850 (Recreational Marijuana Retail) to operate a recreational marijuana retail dispensary at 1450 East Street, Suites 1 and 2. The applicant previously received approvals at this property in different suites - this proposal moves the location of the space within the property. The Zoning Board of Appeals is the Special Permit Granting Authority.

Zoning 2: Special Permit-Public Hearing 00:12:45

An application from Dominick Sacco for a special permit under Article 23-6 of the Zoning Ordinance (Floodplain District) for property located at 301 Francis Avenue. The request is related to the proposed construction of new residential structure within the floodplain in place of a previously burned down residence.

Zoning 3: Special Permit-Public Hearing 00:22:56

Global Partners LP for the repurposing of an existing bank space with a new take-out restaurant at 480 West Housatonic Street. The project requires an amendment to an existing parking waiver under Section 10.110f of the Zoning Ordinance because of the proposed change of use. The proposal also requires a special permit amendment under Section 7.812 (gas station) and 7.839 (drive-through eating establishment), which is issued by the City Council.

Administration 00:29:36

1. Old Business 2. New Business 3. Reports from staff members of the Board 4. Adjounment