Pittsfield Board of Health - April 12, 2021

Open Agenda

1. Convening of Pittsfield Board of Health 00:00:01

ALan Kulberg, call the meeting to order

2. Minutes 00:02:02

Approval of minutes for meeting held March 10, 2021

3. Public Comment Session 00:02:46

4. Hearing 00:29:59

23 Brown St. Correction Order - Requested by property owner, Mark Bennet

5. Petition 00:56:23

Petition from City Councilors Connell and Kavey requesting that the Health Department investigate the health concerns that have been reported by some of the residents that live near the cell tower at 877 South Street.

6. Mosquito Control 01:48:40

a. 2020 Annual Report - Chris Horton, Superintendent - Berkshire County Mosquito Control Program b. 2021 Pittsfield Comprehnsive Mosquito Control Plan c. Petition from City Councilor Maffuccio - asking that the city opt out of the mosquito spraying program

7. Health Department Updates 02:48:45

Monthly Inspection Report