Pittsfield Ordinance & Rules Committee - May 3, 2021

Open Agenda

Item #1 00:00:05

Roll Call

Item #3 00:02:15

Approval of the minutes of the April 5, 2021 meeting

Item #4 00:02:56

A communication from Mayor Tyer submitting an Ordinance amending the City Code, Chapter 6, Article XVI, Section 6-89 (f), Energy management revolving fund

Item #5 00:04:08

A petition from Councilor Morandi requesting Ordinances and Rules review the keeping of chickens at 16 Kensington Avenue (also referred to the Committee on Public Health and Safety)

Item #6 00:41:26

A petition from Councilor Moon requesting the City of Pittsfield and City Council continue to offer a virtual and call-in option beyond COVID for all public meetings

Item #9 01:01:35

A petition from Councilor Maffuccio requesting to review Chapter 14 Offenses Miscellaneous Section 14-17 Recreational land vehicle restrictions and exceptions in dealing with illegal snowmobile use and off-terrain recreational vehicles nuisance (tabled 3/1/21)