Pittsfield Economic Development Authority - June 9, 2021

Open Agenda

I. Administration 00:00:09

-Call to Order -February 23, 2021 meeting minutes

II. 2020 Audit Presentation 00:01:53

-Financial Report

III. Site 9 - Grant Applications 00:35:00

-Site Readiness & Brownfields Awarded - $1.1 million -Community One Stop Infrastructure Program -Federal Funding Opportunities

IV. Marketing Update 00:44:07

-WSBP website - TEC Staffing Services Case Study -WSBP Brochure -Social Media -Loopnet / Co-Star Listing -READYMASS 100

V. Berkshire Kind Update 00:45:43

-MassDEP & EPA ERE Discussion -Finalizing Construction Documents -Ordering Steel Building -Plan Site work and foundation by fall

VI. Other Business 00:49:05

-PEDA Office Relocation -Water Quality Basin - Solitude Lake Management -Forebay dredging project -Tyler St./Woodlawn Ave. Roundabout Easement -Other -Next Board Meeting