Pittsfield Public Health & Safety Committee - June 10, 2021

Open Agenda

Call to Order and Roll Call 00:00:07

Approval of Minutes 00:03:59

May 13, 2021

Tabled Business #2 00:05:24

Petition from Councilors Maffuccio, Kavey, and Connell asking the Subcommittee of Public Health and Safety to review the city's relationship with ServiceNet (This item was referred on September 8th, but has not appeared on previous agendas) (Tabled 1/14/21)

Tabled Business #3 00:06:50

Petition from Councilor Morandi requesting Ordinance and Rules and the Public Health and Safety Committees review the keeping of chickens at 16 Kensington Avenue (Tabled 5/13/21)

Tabled Business #4 00:10:26

Petition from Councilor Moon requesting MDPH provide an updated cancer evaluation in relation to the GE Site B&/H78 environmental factors (Tabled 5/13/21)

Tabled Business #6 00:36:35

Petition from Councilor Moon, Kelan O'Brien, Meagan Bossong and Dennis Powell requesting timeline and process information on the $85,000 appropriation from the Patrol Officer line item in the Pittsfield Police Department budget to contract services line item in the Pittsfield Police department budget for an additional mental health co-responder role. (Tabled 5/13/21)

Tabled Business #5 01:28:05

Petition from Councilor Maffuccio requesting to invite the Police Chief to the first meeting in February (2020) to give a status update on crime rate (referred on January 15, 2020, but has never appeared on agenda) (Tabled 5/13/21)

Tabled Business #1 02:05:09

Petition from Councilor Maffuccio requesting to explore the cost and benefits of having an ambulance services within our Fire Department (Tabled 8/25/20)