Pittsfield Licensing Board - July 26, 2021

Open Agenda

Item #1 00:01:00

Approval of the June 28, 2021 Licensing Board meeting minutes.

Item #2 00:01:21

Update from Huynh Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a International House of Tacos on the status of the Annual Wine and Malt Restaurant License located at 1231 West Housatonic Street, Huy Van Huynh, Manager.

Item #3 00:06:50

A public hearing on an application for an Alteration of Premise from Soldiers, Inc, d/b/a Zucchinis, 1331 North Street, Lynne Soldato, Manager.

Item #4 00:09:50

An application for a Change of Manager from JBK Rainbow, LLC d/b/a JBK Rainbow, 109 First Street, David A. Reyes, Manager.

Item #5 00:16:24

A public hearing on an application from Berkshire Palate, LLC d/b/a Berkshire Palate for the transfer of an Annual All Alcohol Innholder/Hotel License from Hotel on North, LLC d/b/a Hotel on North, 297 North Street, Zachary Brassard, Manager.

Item #6 00:22:49

A public hearing on an application for an Entertainment (Weekday) License from Skyline Country Club, Inc. d/b/a Tavern at the A, 303 Crane Avenue, James Mitus, Manager.

Item #7 00:55:32

Schedule next meeting.