CityLink Press Conference - "ARPA Community Awards Round 2" - June 29, 2022

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CityLink Press Conference - "ARPA Community Awards Round 2" - June 29, 2022
6/29/2022 12:00:00 AM


Opening Remarks 00:00:05

1: 18 Degrees 00:03:04

$600,000 towards early education and family care

2: Berkshire Center for Justice 00:03:40

$50,000 to expand pro-bono legal services, in response to the significant increase in hardships caused by the pandemic

3: Berkshire Civic Ballet 00:04:04

$51,920 to promote the health and wellbeing of Pittsfield children through movement and dance class scholarships

4: Berkshire Community College 00:04:21

$70,000 for BCC's partnership with Lever to provide students with access to paid internships

5: Berkshire County Arc 00:04:46

$50,000 to establish a day center in the west side to help people with disabilities, gain independent living skills including job training

6: Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority 00:04:59

$240,000 to support healthy community relationships, through the expansion of the family-school dispute resolution program

7: Berkshire Dream Center 00:05:27

$245,000 to support the care and assistance needed for the under-resourced residents of Morningside neighborhood

8: Berkshire Music School 00:05:49

$20,000 to support renovations needed to create post-pandemic safe air quality, in rehearsal and performance spaces

9: Berkshire Nursing Families 00:06:07

$10,000 for the post-Covid reopening and expansion of lactation and parenting support programs for Pittsfield mothers and babies

10: Berkshire Theater Group 00:06:24

$220,000 to create a new three year job training program by connecting Pittsfield High School students with skilled professionals in a variety of theater careers

11: Brien Center 00:06:43

$400,000 as a provider of community based behavioral health care these funds will enhance the utilization of their Fenn Street campus, Implement a new electronic health records system to improve the delivery of mental health care services and implement a transportation service for Pittsfield residents

12: Child Care of The Berkshires 00:07:13

$125,000 for the renovation of the Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center

13: Community legal Aid 00:07:34

$30,000 to address increased need for legal aid caused by the pandemic

14: Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center 00:07:53

$100,000 for capital improvements to the centers summer camp so that children experience enhanced outdoor activities, social services and life skills development

15: Jacob's Pillow 00:08:14

$30,000 to fund dance experiences for Pittsfield public school students, establish a Pittsfield based dance residency program and provide community based dance workshops in the City of Pittsfield

16: Mass Audubon 00:08:34

$160,000 for Morningside School students to participate in a free four week summer camp at Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

17: Pediatric Development Center 00:08:50

$65,000 for the creation of an outdoor therapy space for Pittsfield children to enhance their growth and motor skills and social development

18: Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation (PERC) 00:09:08

$350,000 to expand PERC's technical assistance grants that are provided to small businesses for post-pandemic economic recovery and to implement a new program in partnership with downtown Pittsfield inc, for assisting downtown businesses also with post-pandemic economic recovery

19: Soldier On 00:09:39

$160,000 to address delayed care caused by the pandemic by funding a nurse navigator to assist veterans in developing Personal Wellness Action Plans and expanding access to health care resources and services

Closing Remarks 00:10:05

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