Pittsfield City Council Meeting - July 11, 2023

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Item #1 00:01:03

Open microphone

Item #2 00:23:12

-Approval of the June 30, 2023, minutes

Item #3 00:23:31

A communication from Mayor Tyer appointing Cory Wilcox, Nico Amuso, Nathan Myers and Alexander Sawicki as Permanent Fire Fighters with the Pittsfield Fire Department

Item #4 00:24:27

A communication from Mayor Tyer appointing Yamila Badui, Michael J. McCarthy, Leah W. Reed, Brendan D. Sheran, William D. Travis, Catherine VanBramer, and Dina Guiel Lampiasi to the Charter Review Committee

Item #5 00:48:35

A communication from Mayor Tyer submitting an Order to accept a grant of funds in the amount of $98,320.00 from the Corporation for National and Community Service for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Item #6 00:49:10

A communication from Mayor Tyer submitting an Order transferring and appropriating $219,914.70 from the Fire Department uniformed budget to Unclassified budget

Item #7 01:10:01

A public hearing on a petition from Eversource for the transmission of electricity consisting of conduits located on Linden Street and North Street

Item #8 01:19:59

A petition from Councilor Warren requesting that the City Council place the following question on the ballot: "Shall the City eliminate the restriction requiring certain public safety management positions to reside in the City"

Item #9 01:48:05

A communication from Mayor Tyer submitting an Ordinance amending the City Code, Chapter 16 Human Resources, Attachment 1, compensation schedules, recommending not to approve 1/3

Item #10 01:51:23

A petition from President Marchetti requesting the City Solicitor review City Council Rules 1C and amend according to the new ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court, recommending to approve 4/0

Item #11 01:52:26

A petition from Councilor Kronick to accept MGL Chapter 41, Section 98C to require police officers on active duty wear a badge, tag or label which identifies by number, recommending not to approve 0/4

Item #12 01:52:58

A petition from Councilor Warren on the ACLU Model for body worn camera policy for Massachusetts Police Department, recommending to file 4/0

Item #13 01:53:36

A petition from CouncHor Warren requesting to amend the Code of the City of Pittsfield, Chapter 16, to add part-time management employee approval by the City Council, recommending to approve 4/0

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