Berkshire Regional Planning Commission - Sept. 21, 2023

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I. Opening 00:00:12

A. Call to Order and Open Meeting Law Statement B. Roll Call of Commission Members C. Vote to Approve Minutes of the July 20, 2023 Full Commission

II. Comments from and Discussion with Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Delegates and Alternates Issues 00:06:20

Delegates and Alternates may bring up any issue not on the agenda for discussion. Any possible action will be referred to a future meeting.

III. Comments from the Public 00:08:28

Members of the public may offer comments regarding topics on the agenda or other matters they wish to bring to the Commission's attention. Comments are to be directed to the Commission. Commenters must state their names and the city or town they are from.

IV. Presentation of Executive Committee Actions 00:08:59

Executive Committee actions taken on the Commission's behalf at its July 20, 2023 and September 7, 2023 meetings are presented for discussion.

V. Presentation on the Amendments to Housing Regulations that were Adopted Earlier this Year 00:10:33

BCPR Senior Planner Sandra Martin and Senior Housing Specialist Trainer Katherine Dagle with the Department of Public Health will present on the Amendments of the State Sanitary Code Related to Housing and the Important Role Local Boards of Health have in Providing Safe Housing.

VI. Voting to Endorse Committee Chairs for FY 2024 00:44:46

The BRPC bylaws require the Commission to approve the Committee Chairs as recommended by the BRPC Chair. - Commission Development Committee Chair - Doug McNally, Windsor - Berkshire Brownfield Committee Chair - Shelia Irvin, Pittsfield

VII. Vote to Ratify Appointment of Representatives to Related Groups Not Under the Jurisdiction of the Commission 00:47:13

The BRCP bylaws require the Commission to ratify the appointment to related groups not under the jurisdiction of the Commission - Westfield River Wild and Scenic Advisory Committee - Doug McNally, Windsor

VIII. Vote to Appoint Representatives to Related Groups Not Under the Jurisdiction of the Commission 00:49:22

The BRCP bylaws require the Commission to appoint representatives to related groups not under the jurisdiction of the Commission. - Woodlands Partnership of Northwest Massachusetts - Christoper Cozzaglio

IX. Presentation on 2020 Census Results 00:51:44

BRPC GIS, Data and IT Manager Mark Maloy will provide a brief overview of the 2020 decennial census results

X. Review of BRPC Website ( 01:07:53

BRPC uses its website to post meeting notices and material, information about projects and initiatives and other informational resource material. We will give a brief overview.

XI. Executive Director's Report 01:19:28

The Executive Director is available to discuss items in his report

Adjournment 01:22:22

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