Pittsfield Community Development Board - July 8, 2019

Open Agenda

Roll Call 00:00:26

Minutes 00:00:42

June 4, 2019

Zoning #1 00:01:04

Site Plan Review/Approval - An application from EOS Farms LLC for approval under Section 7.854 (Marijuana Cultivation) for property located at 973 Barker Road for the development of an outdoor Marijuana Cultivation facility.

Zoning #2 00:11:12

Site Plan Review/Approval (Continuation from June 4, 2019) - An application from Guild Solar LLC for approval under Section 7.824 (Public or Quasi Public Utility) for property located on Gamwell Avenue for the development of a 4mW solar facility. The applicant has requested a continuance to the August Community Development Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings.

New Business 00:13:45

Election of delegate to the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission - Election of representative to the Community Preservation Committee

Old Business 00:16:26

Reports from staff or members of the Board 00:16:31